Our Story

We’ve all heard of Roswell—and the long-kept secrets of alien abductions and encounters. How did Roswell get so unlucky? Up here in Ontario, Canada, our experience at NOTABOO CORP. was a little different. The aliens that landed here weren’t carted off to labs and experiments. They came bearing gifts. It was a rare elixir from a far off-planet. We poured it on the rocks, which unfolded the magic. It appeared that refined vodka was a pursuit that echoed across the cosmos. And when we awoke the next day, the aliens were gone—but they had left their recipe and a few bottles for us to pour from. Their friends that landed south in the desert hated the heat—and would never pour any of their sweet, smooth vodkas under such harsh conditions. Well, as we said, our experience was a little different. For their friends who may still be out there, in Area 51—cheers to you, for the party has just begun.

About Us

More than 20 years of distillery experience, trustworthy


Vodka & Whisky

Modern production process


Automated bottling and quality control



International Spirits Competition in San Francisco


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